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Current Demands On My Time:

Leon Yim Nicosia, June 23, 2008
Tycho Yim Nicosia, July 4, 2010
Our sons, Leon and Tycho, keep Jean and I happy and busy.
Engine Yard
General Manager, xCloud. Tasked with transforming Engine Yard's existing hosted infrastructure into a complementary offering of our other product line, AppCloud.

Things I Used to Do:

Yahoo! Grid Services
Manager of the Grid Services Operations team. Built a team of nine systems administrators and engineers in Bangalore and Santa Clara. GridOps maintains large grids using several open source utility computing packages, including Hadoop, and Torque.

Yahoo! had taken a big stake in contributing to the Hadoop project and my VP had asked me to build a tech ops team to support our service efforts. I got to be directly involved in deploying the world's largest Hadoop clusters as well as giving feedback directly to the developers responsible for the code base. It was a great three years.

Yahoo! Search Technology
Lured to Yahoo! to build a cluster automation and monitoring team. We built some cool stuff. I learned a lot.
Offered the role of Sr. Systems Engineer for one of the biggest e-commerce operations in the world!
Viralon Corporation
Filled the shoes of Operations Manager at Viralon, a budding San Francisco-based startup. We built a great product and began to get sales traction just in time for our primary investor to pull funding. I'm still very enthusiastic about the technology we produced, and am confident that a product similar to ours will eventually become an indispensible tool for many businesses.
Bachelors of Arts in Cognitive Science from University of California at Berkeley.
Inktomi Corporation
Although not completely finished with school, I was sucked in by Peter Norby and Mike Scheel to aid them in their Operations duties. Had quite a commute. While there, I met some great people, including Jason Fesler.
MCB System Administrator
I was a 50% (variable, at my discretion) time system administrator for U.C. Berkeley's Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology. See my home page there for more details on my first steady, paying job.
Write free software
I don't have much spare time anymore, but in the past, I've written a few things. I host the source for TC 2.0, Coke, Hit List and a few smaller bits.
Campolindo Homeowner's Association
In my spare time, I maintained the website for my homeowner's association. I'm no longer a Board member, so the site has moved on to fresh blood. And about time, too!
SICOS Founder
I bought the machine that once was Server.Berkeley.EDU with the intention of using it as a personal machine. I changed my mind, however, when I realized that myself and a couple of friends could provide a real service to the community that nobody else is providing or even interested in helping to provide. That was the start of Students Improving Campus On-Line Services, eventually we served as the home for large number of student groups.
Other UC Berkeley Student organizations
I have also held various positions at the OCF and the XCF.

Marco Nicosia (marco (at) escape.org)